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Rogue casinos and casino warnings

This page lists all the blog articles I've written, as well as many relevant external sources, which outline corroborated online casino malpractice: theft of winnings, theft of bonuses, theft of deposits, use of unfair software and use and implementation of unfair terms and conditions.

Issues of industry malpractice, such as failure on the part of regulators or software providers, and any and all other industry issues which directly impact players but are not specific to individual casinos, will also be covered.

I will also provide links to all other relevant information, plus a short summary at the top.

• Casino Club warning
• Microgaming poker warning
• Virtual Casino warning
• Interwetten warning
• Bella Vegas warning
• English Harbour Casino warning
• Cherry Red Casino warning
• Moneybookers warning
• Fortune Lounge warning
• Buzzluck warning
• Eurolinx warning
• Sportsbook.com warning
• Rushmore Casino warning
• Casino Rewards warning
• Slots Oasis warning
• Tradition Casino warning
• One Club Casino warning
• VIP Golden Club warning
• Gibraltar Gambling Commission warning
• Paradise Win Casino warning

Casino Club warning

Casino Club confiscated a legitimate jackpot win of €167,500 on the basis of previous apparent "fraudulent" behaviour, notwithstanding the fact that all withdrawals resulting from these ostensibly "illegitimate" wins were paid in full, which clearly demonstrates that the casino had no problem with the player in question until he finally won very big. The casino has also failed to return to the player his deposits, totalling €25,000.

Casino Club steals €8000, then gives it back
Casino Club confiscates a €25000 deposit and a €167500 jackpot

Casinomeister: Casino Club theft of €8000 discussion
Casinomeister: Casino Club theft of €167,500 jackpot discussion
Casinomeister: Questions concerning the confiscations of winnings

Roulette Forum (in German): Casino Club doesn't want to pay win
Kasino Forum (in German): Casino Club non-payment of jackpot win


Microgaming poker warning

Microgaming poker licensee "Tusk Investment Corporation" went into liquidation, leaving total player debts of $5,500,000. Microgaming has neither offered to assist the affected players nor compensate them. In fact, Microgaming has ignored all attempts at communication, save one denial of liability after receiving a legal demand for information.

Microgaming licensee "Tusk" in liquidation, and poker players owed $5,300,000

Midas Oracle: $5,300,000 owed to players of failed Microgaming licensee

Casinomeister: Tusk liquidation

Two Plus Two poker: Battlefield Poker and 27 other Microgaming skins to close
Two Plus Two poker: Open letter to Microgaming (Re: Tusk bankruptcy)
Two Plus Two poker: Microgaming poker scandal


Virtual Casino warning

Virtual Casino has a long-established track record of player abuse. In 2008, following the death of notorious online casino operator Warren Cloud, they bought out his group, adding yet more casinos to their unfortunate stable.

A Virtual Casino rebranding of the Warren Cloud casino group
Captain Jack Casino: avoid this latest member of the Virtual group
Royal Ace Casino: avoid this latest member of the Virtual group
Ringmaster Casino: avoid this latest member of the Virtual group
Catseye Casino: avoid this latest member of the Virtual group
Lucky Palm Casino: avoid this latest member of the Virtual group
Pharaohs Gold Casino: avoid this latest member of the Virtual group
Goldstream Casino: avoid this latest member of the Virtual group
Plantet 7 Casino: avoid this latest member of the Virtual group


Interwetten warning

Interwetten stole at least £50,000 ($80,000 USD) from a handful of players, claiming "software malfunction" during a promotion. Since the "malfunction" in question was nothing other than that which was described in the relevant terms and conditions, the excuse didn't hold much water.

Interwetten theft of £5000

Casinomeister: Interwetten confiscating winnings


Bella Vegas warning

Bella Vegas revoked $20,000 USD of winnings because they claimed the player in question was "underage". However, her "underage" status for some reason did not prevent them from accepting her deposits while she was losing. Problems arose, as is usual with rogue casinos, when she won.

Bella Vegas rogued by Casinomeister
Bella Vegas: the underage gambling issue

Gamblog: casino profitting from underage gambler

Casinomeister: Bellavegas (Microgaming) won't pay 20K


English Harbour warning

English Harbour implemented a standard "double up" feature into their video poker game. After collecting results, it was proven beyond question that the feature, claimed as "fair", was actually non-random. After denying everything, English Harbour finally claimed that the software had a "bug" in it and removed the feature, saying it would be replaced when it had been fixed. The feature was never seen again. This is only the second time I am aware of that cheating software has been conclusively proven.

English Harbour casino cheating at video poker

Casinomeister: Mathematical Proof that English Harbour is cheating

Wizard Of Odds: report about the English Harbour double-up bet software bug


Cherry Red Casino warning

Cherry Red Casino, of the Rushmore group, solicited confidential player information from online wallet Moneybookers, which Moneybookers unfortunately and illegally provided. They used this information, viz-a-viz evidence of person to person transfers, to deny a withdrawal of USD $5000. Person to person transfers are not at all illegal, and are a part of the services that Moneybookers provides.

Cherry Red Casino: theft of winnings and apparent breach of the Data Protection Act


Moneybookers warning

Moneybookers are getting into the habit of sharing confidential player information with their casino clients.

Moneybookers: potential breach of UK law

Cherry Red Casino and Moneybookers: apparent breach of the Data Protection Act


Fortune Lounge warning

This is long overdue section, which unfortunately does not yet include a blog article. Since early 2006, a few months after the passage of the anti-gambling legislation in the USA, the Fortune Lounge group started confiscating winnings for a variety of reasons, from "bonus abuse" to "irregular betting patterns". Players guilty of no transgression were caught up in the fracas.

The instigator of all this was an unfair and unjustifiable cluase in the Fortune Lounge terms and conditions which allowed for funds' confiscation of the basis of the "irregular betting" I mentioned above - see the second link below. The group, though having been invited to reconsider this clause by business partner Bryan "Casinomeister" Bailey, have not done so.

As such, the Fortune Lounge group will confiscate your funds if your manner of betting follows a "pattern" that they are not prepared to disclose; therefore, any manner of betting should be considered fair game for this treatment.

Casinomeister: Vegas Towers winnings confiscation issue
Casinomeister: another Fortune Lounge discussion
Casinomeister: Fortune Lounge terms and conditions suggestions


Buzzluck warning

Buzzluck casino confiscated a €33,000 slots win on the basis of increasing bizarre bogus excuses: first, the player redeemed a code for which he was not entitled, but which he didn't actually use; second, his phone didn't work; and lastly, because he was a fraudster, an allegation which was neither corroborated nor ever actually mentioned to the player.

Buzzluck: winnings confiscated on the basis of an increasingly confused and improbable series of excuses


Eurolinx warning

Eurolinx has been delaying withdrawals, with varying excuses, since April 2009; at the time of going to press - August 2009 - payments appear to have moreorless dried up; supports directs all enquiries to the finance department, which does not appear to reply. Eurolinx is most likely insolvent.

Eurolinx: withdrawal problems and almost certain insolvency

2+2: Slow Eurolinx withdrawals?

Casinomeister: warning Eurolinx: non-payment, no response to player issues
Casinomeister: Eurolinx non-payment of affiliates
Casinomeister: no help for Eurolinx

Poklernetwork: Eurolinx/microgaming cashout problems


Sportsbook.com warning

Many issues. I was alerted to this sportsbook by a player who contacted me after having a $2500 win confiscated on the basis of a previously-declared gambling problem, combined with the opening of a second account sometime after the original was deactivated in apparent violation of the "multi-account" rule. Subsequent investigation unearthed many more problems.

$2500 confiscated and a long history of theft from players

Casinomeister: Be wary of Jazette Enterprises books


Rushmore Casino warning

Rushmore saw fit to zero out a player's account on the basis that he hadn't logged in for over six months, claiming that this was within their rights as per the terms and conditions. They eventually paid, but still carry this absurd term and will presumably enforce it in the future.

Confiscation of winnings and deposit because player didn't log into account

Casinomeister: Rushmore- sucky rule to confiscate funds

Rushmore also saw fit to steal $7440 in winnings, after the player in question was subject to an independent and professional investigation from which he was completely exonerated and proven to have committed no wrongdoing.

Rushmore Casino: theft of winnings with no proof of player wrongdoing

GPWA: Rushmore Casino steals $7444 with no adequate explanation

Gambling Grumbles: Rushmore Casino no payment but for a different reason


Casino Rewards warning

Casino Rewards has an entirely unjustifiable weekly cashout limit of $4000 on any win exceeding five times the deposited amount. This is designed for no purpose other than making it as hard as conceivably possible for the gambler to cashout and thereby leading to the greatest possible temptation to gamble the winnings away.

When a player secures a legitimate win, they should be paid. Casino Rewards does not appear to share this belief.

Additionally, the full Casino Rewards terms and conditions are not displayed on the one page where the player expects to find them, but rather divided across two pages, with the most vital terms located on the additional page where the player would never expect to have to look for such information. Casino Rewards is aware of this, and has failed to address the issue, leading to the reasonable conclusion that they are wittingly entrapping the player.

Avoid this group at all costs.

Casino Rewards cashout limit
Kahnawake Gaming Commission: an unexpected step forward

GPWA: UK Casino Club / Casino Rewards denies a 10K payout (resolved)


Slots Oasis warning

The willfully vague and contradictory language in the Slots Oasis terms and conditions resulted in a player playing a game from which no winnings could ever be cashed out. The tactic, which is not a new one in rogue casino territory, is to blur the distinction between those games which are deemed illegal for bonus-wagering purposes, and those the playing of which is simply irrelevant to the wagering requirements.

The casino is aware of the vague and contradictory language but chooses to not change it to something which is clear and unequivocal.

As such, they are willfully deceiving the player.

Avoid this casino, and all of the Rushmore group, at all costs.

Slots Oasis problem: theft of a five-figure balance by means of deceptive rules

Casinomeister: Slots Oasis voids winnings


Tradition Casino warning

Tradition casino was shown to be short-paying on blackjacks and changing other rules to the disadvantage of the player. The casino's explanations / excuses were unconvincing.

Tradition Casino: payment inaccuracies and rule discrepancies

Casinomeister: Tradition Casino and likely all Rival casinos are Rogue. All Evidence shown here.


One Club Casino warning

One Club Casino would have us believe it answers to UK law, which it does not. They have also stolen money on at least one occasion.

One Club Casino: theft of funds and deceptive jurisdiction claims

Casinomeister: OneClub Casino: no pay, winnings confiscated


VIP Golden Club warning

VIP Golden Club casino has the most insanely mal-performing blackjack game I have ever seen. Apart from the occasional player blackjack, it is impossible to win a hand. Either you lose the hand, you win the hand but your money is taken anyway, or the programme goes into a frenzy of aces of diamonds dealing, busting the dealer hand but taking your money. Astonishing to behold.

VIP Golden Club super rigged / bugged blackjack


Gibraltar Gambling Commission warning

The Gibraltar Gambling Commission, as of June 2013, has shown itself to be as ineffectual a casino puppet as most of the other ostensible "regulatory" jurisdictions in the wake of their handing of a software issue brought to light at BetFred, one of their licensees.

All relevant links to the story can be found in my final article on the subject - see below.

The Gibraltar Gambling Commission: another toothless, ineffectual industry puppet


Paradise Win Casino warning

Paradise Win Casino disallowed a €11,000 win on the basis that the player had more than one game tab open. in addition to this ludicrous excuse, they compounded the issue by claiming that opening more than one game tab somehow affected the random number generator.

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