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Gambler's picture gallery

This gallery of video poker, blackjack and slot screenshots represents selected highpoints - and lowpoints - from my online gambling career.

This was my second ever royal flush, a $1000 "baby royal", playing Jacks Or Better full pay (see the video poker overview section) at $0.25 denomination, known as "quarters". It was dealt "pat", meaning I received the five cards on the initial deal:

Jacks ot better royal flush - queen, ace, king, ten and jack of clubs

I'd moved up to playing "dollars" here, so this next one hit for $4000:

Jacks ot better royal flush - ace, king, jack, ten and queen of hearts

Here are a couple of blackjack screenshots, playing the game discussed in the Microgaming single deck article. On both occasions, I'd deposited $5000 with the intention of cashing out at $7000 or going bust - I achieved the $7000 target both times. On the second occasion I'd cashed out before taking the screenshot, which is why that balance reads as zero. The first one was an $800 double, the second a split for the same amount:

$800 double down - 10 against dealer 7. I pulled a 9 on the 10, and the dealer busted.

$800 split - 8/8 against dealer six; I pulled a 10 on both 8s, and the dealer busted.

In early 2003, one of the Real Time Gaming casinos offered the Deuces Wild video poker game in its full pay format (see the Deuces Wild article for more details) up to the "dollar" denomination; I played the game quite heavily and hit three royals in total.

The first one was dealt "pat", and I was about $4000 down at this point, so it provided some welcome relief and swung me back moreorless to break-even:

Deuces Wild royal flush - ace, jack, queen, ten and king of hearts.

After that first one hit, I managed to go on a long, long losing streak which resulted in giving it all back! Number two was therefore another sweet relief:

Deuces Wild royal flush - ace, jack, king, queen and ten of spades.

I was nicely ahead by the time number three hit and I stopped playing soon after (they withdrew the full pay version at the dollar level), so I ended up cashing out a nice win for my overall play here.

Deuces Wild royal flush - ten, queen, ace, jack and king of hearts.

Winning big bets is always nice; winning them after you've had to make a re-deposit in order to double down or split, because you don't have enough in your current balance to cover the extra bet, is even nicer. And losing it all is even worse!

Here are two screenshots of "redeposit doubles" - my entire balance was in the betting circle, so I nipped to the cashier, deposited the required amount to cover the extra bet...

Redeposit double down - 11 against dealer eight. I pulled a 10 for an unbeateable 21 total, and the dealer finished up with 17.

Redeposit double down - 11 against dealer 10. I made another 10 for 21 total, and the dealer finished on 19.

It works the other too, unfortunately: on the next occasion, I received two 8s against a dealer 7, and had to re-deposit to cover the split; on the first hand I pulled a 3, for an overall 11 - which required ANOTHER redeposit to cover the double. The hand ended up as a 20, and I made 17 on the other hand. Overall, it was looking quite good. Then the dealer flipped over a 4...followed by a 10 - to complete a beautiful score of 21 and snatch up the $840 I had on the table. Ouch!!

Redeposit split / double loss

Winning doubles is always nice, too. Winning them at crazy high stakes is even nicer! I was playing £1000 hands at one of the Wagerworks casinos, aiming to cash out if I hit a £3000 win; I was up £1000, was dealt 10 v. 3, doubled for a total of £2000 on the table - and the dealer bust, giving me my £3000 win. Always nice when that happens!

Skybet £2000 double

This was at another Wagerworks casino, and slightly lower stakes: I'd deposited £250, intending to either cash out £750 or bust out, playing £125 hands.

My first - and only as it turned out - hand received two aces against a dealer 2, so I split. The first ace ended up with a total of 14, and the second ace received another ace; in this game you can resplit aces, but I had no money left so had to redeposit £125. Back to the game, and the ace resplit: the second ace received a ten for a non-blackjack 21, and the third ace received a fourth ace! No resplit option now, so I had to just hit. Those two aces now received ANOTHER ace...and that third hand ended up on 17.

The dealer obligingly bust, giving me a total of £325 in winnings at that point. After such a wierd hand I decided not to push my luck, and cashed out - £125 short of my £500 target.

Anyway, a win's a win...

Skybet £2000 double

This next royal flush happened during my first ever session playing 100-line videopoker. The initial bet was $500 - 100 lines of $5 each - so the royal paid $4000. It's quite strange to hit a royal which only pays eight times your initial bet! Still, $4000 is $4000; can't grumble.

Since the actual royal is far too small to see, I've added an enlarged version underneath:

100-line royal

100-line royal close-up - king, jack, ace, ten and queen of diamonds.

This was my first progressive royal hit, on the Playtech Jacks Or Better progressive game "Megajacks"; the game moves into 100%+ territory when the royal reaches about $1250; I started playing around $1300 and hit it very early, at $1413.


This was my first EVER shot at playing "craps". I put £500 on the passline, and when the bet was still active after the initial roll of the dice, I took £1000 "odds" on the point - 8 - which pays off at 6:5; another 8 came four rolls later, so my first ever craps bet netted me £1700!


In early 2006, I was playing Joker Poker 100-line at iNetbet. Each line is for $1.25, so the overall initial bet was $125. I hit several royal flushes along the way - playing 100 lines at a time you rack up a lot of hands very quickly - but the most valuable hand I hit was a pat straight flush for $6250.

Sadly, I couldn't manage a pat royal flush - that would've been worth $100,000!

iNetbet joker poker pat straight flush

Here's a handful of baby royals from William Hill. I started playing video poker here in late 2009, and hit the first one quite early on:

Will Hill royal 1

After that one, I went a good 120,000 hands, or about three Jacks Or Better royal cycles, before the next one hit:

Will Hill royal 2

Having got back on track a bit, the next one came very soon afterwards, putting me right back on my "royal schedule":

Will Hill royal 3

After that I had fairly brutal losing run, but the fourth royal came in ahead of schedule to get me back on track once more:

Will Hill royal

This is a bonus-round from one of my rare outings playing slots - "Big Kahuna". The initial bet was only $2.25, but successfully selecting five out of the possible seven paying symbols saw a win of $109 - not exactly high-roller stuff, but fun all the same.

Big Kahuna bonus round

This was a similar win from a similar stake, playing possibly the most irritating slot machine ever invented, "Texas Tea": - five gophers lined up turned a £2.25 stake into £127.50.

Texas Tea five gophers

The same stake here lined up five oil derricks, initiating a bonus round which returned 3075 coins, or £153, my biggest individual win to date on this game.

Texas Tea five oil derricks

This was a bigger win on even lower stakes - just £1 ber bet, or 100 coins at one pence each! I don't know, nor have too much interest in knowing for that matter - how all the various lines work, but hitting the maximum three "unicorn" symbols seems to trigger maximum wins on all twenty lines. On this occasion, having played this machine for the first time the previous day, this £1 bet returned £525.

Enchanted Unicorn three unicorns

The most recent addition, after an uneventful year in the jackpot department, is a £4000 royal at 32Red, coming almost exactly on cue after just over 40,000 hands:

32Red royal

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