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Blackjack, blackjack switch, power blackjack, pontoon, video poker, even slots - these are all casino games that can offer good value for money.

Getting the best out of your gambling doesn't involve any great skill. It's what I've been doing for my entire playing career, both online and off, and the methods I've used are now laid out simply on these pages. If you want a better chance to beat the casino and profit from your online gambling ventures, take a moment to have a look around.

The pages you find most useful will depend on your objectives: are you a casual gambler looking to rein in your spending? Are you primarily interested in bonuses? Are you interested in casino mathematics but less so the actual playing of the games? I would suggest the gambling control system as a way of getting to grips with your spending in the simplest way possible. I also highly recommend you learn to play good blackjack.

Where you play is very important, so the recommended casinos section will be useful, and the rogue casino warnings will tell you about the malpractice that casinos have got up to, which should also help shape your decisions about where to play.

For the correct strategy for any set of casino blackjack rules, check out my basic strategy master.

Keep an eye also on the news blog, where you can read about issues relevant to the online and real world gambling industries and feel free to contact me on any and all gambling issues.

If you need help with a problem of any kind, let me know and I'll try to help.

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